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Multiple-function Button Making Machine(CXAZ-7)
Mutiple-function button machine can also be called all-purpose button machine, applicable process of single and double side of button blanks. It can process large blank up to 90 Lin max. It is designed with three-shift stepless mechanical speed regulation. It also can be fitted with frequency converter additionally or with servo motor to realize stepless speed control varying from 9 to 180 buttons per min. It can fulfill the process of different patterns of general buttons and decorative buttons including heart shaped button, bead button by changing work positions. It can process regular patterns on the blank surface and sophisticated ones if being fitted with color distinguish photocell and laser plant.
Special rotating mechanical structure and improve the color laser processing efficiency. Relatively common button machine can be increased by 20% -30% . With special aluminum drum track movement, so that can produce more thicker buttons than the buttons produced by common machine, particularly suitable for processing large buttons.Feed device using inorganic frequency speed regulating device, machine processing is a full independence movement, in the color laser processing, can improve the quality of the surface of the button.

·Production of buttons:per min90 - 180 Size
·Net weight of machine:875kg
·capacity:12~ 90 Lin / 8 ~ 57 mm
·Dimensions L×W×H ( cm) :138×130×184
Product Category:Button Machine
Product Name:Single-side Button
Product Category:Button Machine
Product Name:Double-side Button
Product Category:Button Machine
Product Name:Multiple-function
Product Category:Button Machine
Product Name:Multiple-function
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Product Name:Dia-tool Machine
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Product Name:Plate Machine
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