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  Wenzhou Changxing Machinery Co., Ltd. is the only highest standard button machine manufacturer for clothing in China at present.The company began investment in experiment and development in 1989 and is one of the earlier cooperation developing button machine for clothing, and put into production in 1993. Changxing Machinery Company is also the largest manufacturer specialized in button machine in China.
   Located at Juguang Industrial Zone.Wenzhou City, enjoying the good reputation of China Light Industry City and the town of south economic military importance. The factory occupies an area of about 5783 square meters and has working staff of 32. With rich resource, abundant capital and experienced technical personnel, Changxing Corporation ensures the high starting point for the company’s beginning. In addition, the company has established perfect modern management system ,and have many customers in china,who produced botton,gasket, and molding rubber parts.we use high technology to updated our machine for every year,and earned a good business reputation for our quality.

   · Tel:0086-577-88615563 / 88615560
   · Fax:0086-577-88615563 / 88615562
   · URL: http://www.cnchangxing.com
   · E-mail:changxing1989@163.com
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